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    Support for Ms. Mahdie Alinejad in her efforts to obtain asylum in Switzerland | City of Geneva

    Mahdie Alinejad has lived in Geneva for four years, as much time spent in the process of obtaining asylum in our country. Athletic, financially independent, engaged in civic and political life through her fight for women’s rightsthis young 28-year-old Iranian woman would face vital risks if she were to be returned to her country of origin.

    After five negative decisions, it is the turn of the Federal Administrative Court, the last instance to be able to issue him a residence permit, to be contacted. Indeed, despite the extremely brutal attitude with which the mullahs’ regime curbs the revolt of Iranian women and an entire people, the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) continues to consider deportations to Iran as reasonable, not characterizing recent developments as widespread violence (OSAR, 2022).

    However, the UN special rapporteur on Iran Javaid Rehman denounces, in his report last February, the systematic use of violence by the Iranian authorities against demonstrators, and women in particular, but also ethnic minorities, people guilty of the crime of apostasy, those refugees or migrants, or even LGBTIQ+.

    The Executive of the City of Geneva, after listening to Mahdie Alinejad, will contact the cantonal and federal authorities to try to change the position of the SEM, in the same way as it did in the case of Ms. Malalai H ., Afghan refugee, and the Appeal launched to the Federal Council for issuance of humanitarian visas.

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    Mr. Alfonso Gomez, Mayor, through Mr. Yannick Richter, responsible for information of the Administrative Council: 022 418 29 11 / 076 338 43 69 – @E-mail

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