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    HomeNewsThe culinary specialties of Tournai: delights from the Belgian region

    The culinary specialties of Tournai: delights from the Belgian region

    The culinary specialties of Tournai: delights from the Belgian region

    In the heart of Wallonia, the town of Tournai is renowned for its culinary specialties which are the pride of the Belgian region. Nestled in the province of Hainaut, this charming city has a rich and varied gastronomic tradition. Tasty and authentic dishes delight the taste buds of locals and visitors who discover this gourmet region.

    First of all, how can we not mention the famous Tarte al Djote from Tournai? This emblematic dish of the city is a real delight for lovers of traditional flavors. Tarte al Djote is a savory tart made with chard, cheese, eggs and spices. Its crispy dough and soft filling make it an essential dish for family meals or festive events. Its ancestral recipe is jealously guarded by Tournaisian families, who pass it on from generation to generation.

    Then, the town of Tournai is also famous for its Flemish carbonade, a typical dish of the region. This succulent preparation based on beef simmered in a dark beer sauce is a real treat for fans of traditional cuisine. Flemish Carbonade is often accompanied by crispy Belgian fries, for a complete taste experience. The restaurants of Tournai compete in originality to offer their own version of this emblematic dish, which delights locals and tourists alike.

    Sweet lovers will not be left out in Tournai. The city is famous for its delicious waffles, which can be found in many pastry shops and street stalls. The Tournai waffle is distinguished by its light and crispy texture, as well as its subtle vanilla taste. It can be enjoyed plain, sprinkled with icing sugar, or accompanied by whipped cream, melted chocolate or fresh fruit. A real treat for gourmets!

    Speaking of sweets, it’s impossible not to mention the speculoos from Tournai. These traditional cinnamon-based cookies are a true institution in the city. Their crunchy texture and spicy taste make them a very popular treat for young and old. Tournai speculoos are often enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea, for a moment of relaxation and taste pleasure.

    Finally, how can we talk about Tournaisian gastronomy without mentioning beer? The Tournai region is renowned for its craft breweries which produce beers of character. Hop lovers will find what they are looking for in the city’s many estaminets and beer bars. Traditional Belgian beers such as blonde, brunette, ambrée or triple are offered, as well as special beers with original flavors. A tasting of local beers is a must during a visit to Tournai, to discover the unique aromas of this emblematic Belgian drink.

    In conclusion, the culinary specialties of Tournai are true delights of the Belgian region. Between Tarte al Djote, Flemish Carbonade, waffles, speculoos and beer, gourmets will find what they are looking for in this gourmet city. Culinary traditions are respected here and passed down from generation to generation, to the greatest pleasure of the taste buds. A visit to Tournai is an opportunity to discover the authentic flavors of the region and to enjoy typical dishes, for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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