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    The Union of Geneva Cities strengthens its collaboration | City of Geneva

    Transfer of responsibilities and skills

    The Union of Geneva Cities aspires to a rstrengthening the skills of cities in the field of local public policies which are at the heart of their daily concerns: para- and extracurricular, early childhood, local social assistance, sports and cultural infrastructures, green and leisure spaces, support for associations, management of public space, mobility, or even security of proximity.

    For a review of current fiscal equalization

    The cities also intend to defend the fact that the modification of tax scales is not to the detriment of public services provided by urban municipalities. They position themselves in favor of a revision of the current fiscal equalization which takes better into account the charges of central cities and the specific charges, particularly socio-economic as highlighted in the in-depth studies carried out on this subject by the office Ecoplan. (Find the links to the studies mentioned at the bottom of the page).

    Autonomy of municipalities and collaborations between cities

    Thus, the Union of Genevan Cities is committed to a increase in municipal autonomycurrently corseted by the Law on municipal administration (LAC).

    She also calls for a strengthening political and operational collaboration between cities, with the aim of pool skills and infrastructure. She is willing to work closely with theAssociation of Geneva Municipalities (ACG) – whose institutional role is not contested in itself – if it demonstrates a real desire to take into account the urban realities of the Geneva territory.

    For this, the Union of Genevan Cities is equipping itself with a secretariat and of common financial means, in order to consolidate its capacity for action. It will challenge the newly elected cantonal authorities in order to better take cities into consideration as institutional partners.

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