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    The Vernets ice rink included in the inventory of buildings worthy of protection | City of Geneva

    Since its construction, the ice skating rink has been the subject of several interventions, in connection with theevolution of techniquesof the sports practices And social and security requirements. The latest work to date consisted of replacing the cooling system produced using 7.5 T of ammonia in order to meet the requirements relating to the construction of residential buildings on the site of the old barracks. If the Vernets ice rink is dear to the population, it is also a model of goodness and taste for detail, while constituting a marker of its time like few other constructions in Geneva, within a perimeter – Praille Acacias Vernets – in full change.

    This recognition harmoniously completes the future transformation of the Vernets esplanade. In order to perpetuate this equipment and its many qualities, registration in the inventory of the Vernets ice rink will allow the City of Geneva to consider the necessary development of the building, and in particular improving its thermal envelopein agreement with the authorities responsible for heritage protection.

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