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    “Being(s) together” exhibition at the MEG | City of Geneva

    With “Be(s) together”the MEG – the Geneva Museum of Ethnography – explores the relationships between humans and nature. Can different species communicate? To attempt to answer this question, the museum presents six specific relationships created between humans, plants and animals.

    An eco-responsible scenography leads visitors through a series of areas with different atmospheres conducive to dialogue between humans and the plant and animal world.

    The first port of call is the time of myth and legendsbefore returning to modern times to explore different ways of embracing relationships between species today. The exhibition then highlights six relationships bringing humans, plants and animals together in an inspiring and surprising way, being it a wildlife photographer and a vixen, a cow and its farmer or a truffle hunter, his dog and a truffle… These stories show that being together is not only possible but has become essential!

    Feeling better together

    Traditional cultures, including European cultures, have always attached great importance to interactions between humans, animals and plants. But today, we find ourselves forced to reconsider our place in the world due to the transformations, domestications and predations we have imposed on the environment and its non-human inhabitants. Our proximity to other species is greater than we might have thought and is not limited solely to the biological aspects of existence.

    That’s why communication between species plays a key role in our collective imagination. These surprising companionships suggest avenues to be pursued so that we increasingly feel closer and better together.


    The exhibition invites visitors to reconnect to their environment and their relationships with others. The light, color choices and materials call on the senses and accompany this journey to the very heart of the exhibition’s content. Sensitive to the issues of eco-responsibility, the exhibition is designed using only those materials and resources necessary. Minimizing the impact of interventions also requires a simple and optimized exhibition design while promoting sustainability through the re-use of the materials.

    Practical information

    5 May 2023– 7 January 2024

    • Times: Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 6 pm
    • Admission: CHF 8 to 12 (free for anyone under the age of 25 and the 1st Sunday of every month)

    More information on the MEG website – “Be(s) together”

    We acknowledge Source link for the information.



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