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    Dangers linked to floods in Geneva: be careful! | City of Geneva

    Of the significant volumes of rain have fallen in recent hours throughout the Arve watershed, on ground already saturated with water. This Tuesday November 14the flow of the Arve already exceeded 480 m3either three times the average flow of the month of November.

    THE River flows are likely to increase due to the acceleration of the melting of the snow cover between 1500 and 2500 meters, due to a rise in temperatures at altitude, accompanied by precipitation.

    Exceptional flows of the Arve

    Exceptional flows from the Arve are expected from this Tuesday November 14 2023 afternoon and during the day of the 15th, with a flood peak expected in the middle of the night.

    According to the Canton of Geneva, the different hydrological models predict flow rates which can range from 600 to 800 m3/s. Of the 650 m3/sit is not excluded that we will see water flowing back from rainwater networks onto public roads.

    Notice to the public: stay vigilant!

    The Geneva population is asked to remain vigilant and cautious, particularly near the banks of the Arve, the Rhône and the lake, and to respect the following measures:

    • keep as far as possible away from the direct surroundings of watercourses;
    • respect the signage put in place and access restrictions;
    • pay attention to the sudden rise in water levels, the risk of bank collapse and the potential falling of trees: immediately leave the threatened areas;
    • in buildings exposed to a risk of flooding, do not enter cellars and underground garages;
    • do not use footpaths, trails, cycle paths, underpasses and flooded or threatened roads;
    • do not practice water activities or swimming (including bathing the dog);
    • follow developments in the situation on the official channels of the cantonal authorities.

    Authorities attentive to hydrological developments

    Within the State of Geneva, thecantonal water office monitors the hydrological evolution of watercourses and works in close collaboration with

    Measures implemented by the authorities

    In order to anticipate the risks facing this event, access and riverside crossings have already been secured and are prohibited access.

    THE precarious camps located on the banks of watercourses have been evacuatedin close coordination with social services.

    Other measures, communicated on the State of Geneva websitecould be implemented in the coming hours.

    Monitoring the situation

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