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    Exceptional closure of the City of Geneva libraries on Thursday, November 30 | City of Geneva

    Will artificial intelligence make libraries obsolete?

    This 6th edition of the library conference organized by the Department of Culture and Digital Transition aims to think collectively about the use of artificial intelligence (IA) in the field of documentary information. What are their origins? Their potential, the risks and opportunities they generate?

    The debates will address the question of whether artificial intelligence threatens knowledge through the large-scale dissemination of false or unverified information. How does easier access to AI change the role of libraries in the transmission of knowledge? What mediations should be developed, particularly among young people, for thoughtful use of AI?

    Very real conversational agent

    A comparison of the responses provided by the libraries’ online service Interrogates, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, with those given by ChatGPT will be presented. Library staff will also discuss the use of these tools in their work and the support of users.

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