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    Exceptional conference by Boris Cyrulnik | City of Geneva

    Introduced by the Administrative Advisor Christina Kitsosas part of the series of events “City in transition” there public lecture of Boris Cyrulnikfamous for his work on resiliencemade it possible to share his experience, thus offering the public an inspiring perspective on the human being’s capacity to overcome trialshas rebuild and to project ourselves into the future, both individually and collectively.

    Boris Cyrulnik addressed the notion of resilience as adaptation process in front of adversity. He emphasized that every individual, regardless of their life trajectory, has the potential to develop this capacity. In his view, resilience is not an innate quality, but a set of skills and resources that must be cultivated and supported.

    Resilience is not just an individual process. It can also be growncollective scalenotably “by caring for caregivers, helpers and all people engaged in the service of others”. Mr Cyrulnik underlined the importance of this hope and global perspectives in the current very anxiety-provoking context.

    In a world marked by crises, conflicts and rapid upheavals, this collective hope becomes an essential factor for the community resilience.
    Boris Cyrulnik encouraged the audience to think about how people can help build collective hope, by encouraging solidarity And commitmentt, by promoting empathy and promoting positive values.

    This evening was a unique opportunity to hear this outstanding speaker in a context marked by violence which is at the heart of its last book “Forty thieves in emotional deprivation. Animal fights and human wars Paris, Ed. Odile Jacob, 2023”.

    A conference to watch on Youtube

    A generous word

    As part of his stay in Geneva, Boris Cyrulnik participated in a meeting at the Rousseau House and Literature with the childcare professionals; he gave a lecture on cancer and resilience organized by the Geneva University Hospitals. Finally, his stay was marked by an official dinner at Villa La Grange, in the presence of members of the Administrative Council and people committed to issues related to children’s rights, the prevention of violence and by the countless testimonies of recognition from people, known and unknown, who had the chance to meet her during her stay.

    This evening was the second event of a series “A city in transition” dedicated to moments of transition in life’s journeys such as the birth of a child, the attainment of civic majority or the death of a loved one. So many moments which are at the heart of the action of Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity which implements public policies and services in favor of various categories of the population, from birth to the end of life.

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