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    First Edition of the Forum From Us To Us Europe Brussels “How can we dialogue on our future transformations? »

    On the occasion of the first edition of the International Forum From Us To Us Europe Brussels, an international conference is organized on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November 2023 on the theme: “The promotion of acquired knowledge in the development of formal and informal entrepreneurship “.

    Intended for agents of change, the program of this conference was designed and developed by Madame Lutumba Ndoy Amina, Founder and President of the Empowering International Network.


    Forum context

    The first edition of the International Forum From Us To Us targets socio-economic actors such as the Solo Mom, the Female Leader & Entrepreneur of African origin and all people who wish to undertake. It will also welcome students, international decision-makers and other international stakeholders.

    Based on the observation that there are no single solutions for successful entrepreneurship, the Network EWI offers participants an opportunity to meet and discuss the realities they must face when doing business in Europe and Africa.

    The Forum will compare and highlight the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs from immigrant backgrounds and will at the same time propose appropriate solutions based on testimonies and success stories.

    Constructive exchanges will be established to achieve the Forum’s objectives so that knowledge on the challenges of the entrepreneurial world at the dawn of 2024 is transmitted to as many people as possible and the fight against the lack of information continues.

    The From us to us Forum will offer the opportunity to be as concrete and realistic as possible through the exchange of ideas, tools and perspectives, allowing participants to obtain the keys to becoming leaders who stand out in their area of ​​activity for an Africa strong in its diaspora.

    Presented and moderated by Mr. Radouan Bachiri, Freelance Journalist accredited to the European Union, questions concerning formal and informal entrepreneurship will serve as the basis for discussions at the international forum on November 24 and 25.

    Actors from diverse backgrounds, European and African authorities, political figures, representatives of world-renowned structures, including renowned experts, will discuss ways to accelerate the implementation of a common vision and innovative creation of synergy Made In Africa, to achieve a lasting economic and social transition of female entrepreneurship on the North and South sides.

    2 Days – 3 themes

    The forum is subdivided into 3 parts which each address specific themes:

    Day 1 – Entrepreneurship

    Plenary 1: Themes covered: Migration, its dangers and its benefits, the challenges of the contribution of female leadership to the development and fortification of the continent.

    Panel 1: Theme covered: Information, an important pillar for business on the North and South sides. How can we structure our businesses in the North and the South?

    Plenary 2: Themes covered: Training, an important pillar for undertaking business on the North and South sides. The keys to ensuring the sustainability of our businesses.

    Panel 2: Theme addressed: Relying on the know-how of stakeholders from the continent and the diaspora by making their expertise and experience keys and tools for success.

    Day 2 – Single-parent entrepreneurship & community life

    Plenary 1: Themes covered: Opening the fields of possibilities to innovation. Female Entrepreneurship Specificities And Obstacles: How these women can put their leadership, know-how and skills into practice in different contexts. Their feedback will be discussed to build shared visions and implement collaborative approaches that concretely show the feasibility of transitions, and the collective dynamic that they can support.

    Panel 1: Theme covered: Single parenthood & Entrepreneurship: Investing in your development.

    Panel 2: Theme covered: Associative Life & Social Entrepreneurship: Principles, examples and advantages.

    Day 1

    Opening speech of the Forum by HE Mohamed Ameur, Ambassador of Morocco to Belgium and Luxembourg, introduction of the concept by Madame Lutumba Ndoy Amina President and founder of the Empowering Women International Network and initiator of the From Us to Us program and international Forum, presentation and moderation by Mr. Radouan Bachiri Communication expert and Freelance journalist and Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee.

    For the Honorary Panel SEM Ahmat Awad Sakine, Ambassador of the African Union and its permanent representative to the European Union, SEM Baye Moctar Diop, Ambassador of Senegal to Belgium, Luxembourg and to the European Union as well as Madame Yvette Tabu Inangoy, General Commissioner in charge of Culture, Arts, Media, Communication and Digital for the province of Kinshasa in DR Congo.

    For the first plenary respectively Mr. Rachid Madrane, President of the Brussels Parliament, Madam Minister Ngoné Ndoye, Member of the EWI Sponsoring Committee, Madam Dominique Deshayes, President of Amnesty Belgium Francophone, Madam Yolande Esther Lida-Kone, Manager of Lead Management Strategy and Member of EWI Sponsorship Committee.

    For the first panel, Mr. Jean Jacques Lumumba, internationally renowned activist and anti-corruption campaigner and Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee, Mrs. Rosy Sambwa, Stylist, Researcher and Image Advisor, Mr. Defustel Ndjoko, CEO Defustel 1974 and Member of the Sponsorship Committee EWI.

    For the second plenary,

    Mr. Kinoss Dossou, Journalist Member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Journalists of Belgium, Madam Deputy Latifa Ait-Baala, Brussels parliamentarian and Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee, Madam Naoual El Ouahta Deputy Mayor for the city of Villeneuve- Saint-Georges as well as Mr. Jose Ramon Saiz De Soto, CEO of Spanish Kits Company and Member of the EWI Network Sponsorship Committee

    For the second and last panel of the first day, Mrs. Nadine Minampala, CEO of Star Creation & Co, Mrs. Sandrine Essoka, Entrepreneur and Mrs. Amina Dubrecq Eloumrany, Artistic Director of Kumi.

    The closing speech of the first day will be made by Minister Ngoné Ndoye Honorary Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee.

    For the second day, the opening speech will be made by Mr. Toen Tusevo, CEO of the media and Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee, moderated by Mrs. Lutumba Ndoy Amina, followed by a plenary bringing together respectively, Madam Minister Ngoné Ndoye, Godmother Africa Soloeotop, Madam Deputy Latifa Ait-Baala, Godmother Europe Soloeotop and Professor Marie-Paule Babli, Professor, judge and Arbitrator in Business Law.

    It will be followed by two panels with the following speakers: Mrs. Nathalie Van Opstal, Psychotherapist, Mrs. Belinda Dongo Lumingu, Entrepreneur in DR Congo, Mrs. Malika Akdhim, Activist for Women’s Rights and Mrs. Kristin Bell, CEO of Kristin Bell.

    The second and final panel will be moderated by Ms. Dorence Monkam, Entrepreneur Ms. Fatou Niang, Entrepreneur in Senegal, Ms. Kelly Isekemanga, CEO of Perles Noires Industry and Mr. Fabrice Pembele, CEO of Pembele Events.

    The closing address will be given by Mr. Toen Tusevo Member of the EWI Sponsorship Committee


    Friday November 24, 2023 – Hours: 9:20 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    Saturday November 25, 2023 – Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    Access to registrations via the link HERE

    About the From Us To Us Forum

    Created in 2021 to respond to a strong need, the From Us To Us Forum has become an essential meeting place for sharing and mobilizing on the challenges of developing the Leadership of African Women in the realization of innovative entrepreneurship guaranteeing the implementation highlighting their acquired skills, their skills, their experiences and their know-how. The From Us To Us concept facilitates exchange between different stakeholders (general public, experts, businesses, politicians, communities, etc.) so that everyone can act! It is structured around different sections accessible to all (exhibition, workshops, debates, etc.). The event is co-organized by Empowering Women International, a recognized public utility association chaired by Madame Lutumba Ndoy Amina as well as Mamans Soloeotop ASBL, also chaired by the latter accompanied by its partners, Spanish Kits Company & Femidec.

    About the KULT XL Ateliers showroom

    Located in the Léopold district of Ixelles, rue Wiertz leads directly to the European Parliament. Created in 1937 to accommodate the wealthy social classes, the district was however quickly taken over by artists such as Jane Graverol and Antoine Wiertz. His house-workshop (the current Wiertz Museum) as well as the adjoining garden (the current Citizens’ Garden) are major witnesses to the rich artistic life of the time. The district was then transformed to accommodate the European institutions. Often described as a purely institutional zone, it also welcomes many residents. The reinstatement in 2021 of artists’ studios and an exhibition hall in the neighborhood allows us to reconnect with its history and build a bridge to current residents and users, therefore looking to the future. .

    With a total area of ​​150 m2, the exhibition space is spread over two levels. On the ground floor, the main space of 100 m2 is lined with large windows on both sides, letting in daylight. Via a staircase, you access a smaller basement space, ideal for showcasing video installations or more intimate scenes.

    The From Us To Us Europe Forum Brussels is an event organized by Empowering Women International, an association recognized as being of public utility chaired by Mrs. Amina Lutumba Ndoy and supported by HE Mohamed Ameur, Ambassador of Morocco to Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr. Ken Ndiaye, Alderman of Culture, his partners. Its objective is to promote African female talents known and unknown to the general public.

    Publicado anteriormente en Almouwatin.



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