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    Geneva launches the first cantonal carbon footprint calculator | City of Geneva

    What is a carbon footprint calculator?

    Tea climate is changing due to human activities which emitted large quantities of greenhouse gases (GG) into the atmosphere. Tea carbon footprint calculation reflects the impact of these activities in grams, kilograms or tonnes of CO2 (= carbon). Everything we consume and use generates GG emissions due to the energy required to extract, process and use raw materials and linked to their end of life. The figures vary according to the parameters adopted but despite this, they give a useful idea of ​​the situation in order to prioritize and measure the efforts required.

    This calculator offers a simple means of better understanding the impact of our different actions in each sphere (transport, food, accommodation, etc.). It’s a powerful sensitization and awareness tool. Tea result obtained leads to the personalized “AGIR (ACT)” section which allows each person to understand the actions to be taken to reduce your individual carbon footprint.

    Why a calculator for Geneva?

    The calculator allows you to better understand which activities affect the climate the most and to accompany a change in behavior accordingly.

    This instrument is fully online with the 2030 cantonal climate plan and the climate strategy of the City of Geneva which provides for strong communication and awareness concerning climate issues by proposing tangible actions and solutions to reduce the individual carbon footprint.

    That’s why the Canton, the City of Geneva and 2050Today have joined forces to introduce the Geneva version of the ADEME calculator, a tool recognized worldwide. Unlike other carbon footprint calculators available in Switzerland, this one is based on data for Switzerland and/or Geneva when available and provides personalized solutions according to your footprint and adapted to your local context.

    Antonio Hodgers, President of the State Council, notes that “having a 100% local carbon calculator makes it possible to objectively our individual carbon footprint and to make individual more specifically aware of the impact they have on the climate.”

    What individual objective?

    Today, the Swiss generate an average of over 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases per person per year. Tea global average is 5 tonnes.

    Tea aim for 2050 is to achieve carbon neutrality, which represents one ton per person per yearwith an intermediate reduction objective of 60% by 2030, which is the equivalent of 3.5 tonnes per year per person.

    “The calculator allows everyone to establish an individual ‘diagnostic’, an essential milestone for anyone keen to make a change to their daily practices,” explains Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva.

    Beyond individual actions, these objectives also require societal change, calling on all stakeholders, both public and private. Accordingly, both the Canton and the City of Geneva have their own climate plan including measures designed to accompany these major changes.

    For International Geneva too

    In light of the demographic composition of Geneva and the presence of numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations, 2050Today is a key partner in achieving the Canton’s climate goals. In order to adapt to the target audience, the carbon footprint calculator is also available in English.

    Communication campaign and other tools

    The Geneva carbon footprint calculator reflects the enhanced communication concerning the cantonal climate plan which will be launched with ‘les Automnales’, with a “climate quiz” posted online. This quiz will enable each individual to discover their climate profile represented by one of five fun characters (see This tool offers the population tangible solutions to reduce its carbon footprint. Numerous events are scheduled until the end of the year to introduce the tool to the public.

    In addition, the City and Canton of Geneva support the development of the “agirageneveplatform, created by the association Goodtrackwhich offers advice, solutions, useful addresses and a discussion forum to test actions enabling us to reduce our emissions.

    These “little” gesturesin such varied fields as biodiversity, mobility, energy or food, can contribute up to 25 or 30% of the necessary greenhouse gas reductions while producing beneficial effects on nature, our well-being and even our wallets.

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