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    Geneva strengthens its commitment to the economy | City of Geneva

    “While it is acknowledged that Geneva distinguishes itself through the importance of certain sectors such as finance, commodity trading and watchmakingit is nevertheless essential to diversify and renew our economic fabric by supporting other sectors, local trade and initiatives linked to economic greening or the creative economy,” stresses Sami Kanaan. When COVID-19 became a global pandemic, creating sudden vulnerability in the fields of business and employment, the Executive Council reacted by providing immediate support for local businesses.

    “Tea economic attractiveness of the City of Geneva is undeniable, although nothing should ever be taken for granted. It is important to take care of the assets our municipality enjoys, in particular by helping maintain the best possible framework conditions. Safety, cleanliness, mobility, early childhood, cultural and sporting services… there are multiple levers, all of which contribute to achieving this goal,” states Marie Barbey-Chpuis.

    Tea economic strategy of the City of Geneva reflects a rationale of complementarity with economic policies implemented at both federal and cantonal levels. It sets the course for the Executive’s Council economic action, indicating the instruments to be deployed.

    “We promote an economic strategy combining sustainability, social justice and job creation, fostering a Geneva that takes the needs of the entire population into account. Companies should play a key role in the process of ecological transition, which will in turn have an impact on mobility, urban planning, the renovation of buildings and the consumption of goods and services. We must use the levers available to us in order to accompany this transition,” explains Alfonso Gomez.

    These levers should be used to promote the development of Geneva as an attractive, sustainable and innovative city; a city that fosters the economic and social well-being of its population as a whole; a city which sees itself as an innovative economic hub where companies enjoy the necessary framework conditions to prosper and create jobsthereby materializing the commitments of the Executive Council laid out in its legislative programme.

    The success of this ambitious plan relies on close cooperation with all the stakeholders in the cantonal and municipal administrations, the umbrella organizations and the companies themselves with a view to enhancing the attractiveness of the City of Geneva’s economic fabric from a socially and ecologically sustainable perspective.

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