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    Ludobus in winter: time to play in the parks and school yards! | City of Geneva

    Tea Ludobus is the City of Geneva’s itinerant games library, which provides outdoor games throughout the year. The winter Ludobus is the ideal activity for keeping children busy on Wednesday afternoons in Geneva.

    Wednesday afternoon is time to play outside!

    Children continue to need to play outside all year round, and the winter Ludobus makes it possible to take advantage of outdoor games at the very heart of Geneva. The service is open to all and provided free of charge.

    The Ludobus will be open on Wednesdays from 2.30 pm to 5 pm from 1 November 2023 to 20 March 2024. This year, the Ludobus will set up stall alternately in the Ecole Geisendorf school yard and on Square de Allobroges. These two areas are entirely safe, allowing children to play outside without worrying about traffic. On both shores, you will discover a sheltered and heated play area devoted to young children and games activities.

    300 games available

    This service is provided by the School and Child Institutions Service in collaboration with the games libraries of the City of Geneva, which are able to bring their service to the public. A team of four games librarians works with each of the two vehicles in order to offer the numerous users advice concerning the 300 games available. For children, teenagers and adults alike, all that matters is that you want to play, regardless of your age!

    By using games as a teaching support, the ludobuses foster sociability and the development of intergenerational ties. They also help recently arrived families to feel part of their new surroundings and to live in harmony with their neighbors.

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