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    “Red Cross Transports”, a new service intended for senior citizens | City of Geneva

    Visiting a relationship, going to the theater, doing administrative tasks and going to a physiotherapy session are all daily activities.

    For many older people, health problems, the fear of falling or a lack of suitable infrastructures nevertheless represent major obstacles. Even if family members provide assistance getting around, they are not always on hand to do so.

    Journeys accompanied by volunteers

    To remedy this situation, Red Cross Transport offers accompaniment for senior citizens in the form of a transportation service provided by trained volunteers with their own vehicle. Volunteer drivers accompany the beneficiary of the service from their home to their destination. They then wait during the appointment or the activity and drive the person back home again.

    Within the City of Geneva

    For whom?

    The service, supported by the City of Genevais intended for senior citizens resident within the City of Geneva who are unable to make use of public transport under their own steam and who do not have sufficient financial means to pay for private services.


    To ensure the service is accessible to as many people as possible, the price of a journey within the Canton of Geneva is CHF 5 (CHF 10 for a return trip).

    Throughout the Canton

    More generally speakingthe Red Cross also provides this service to residents throughout the Canton of Geneva for journeys linked to social or cultural activities or necessary for health-related reasons, such as medical appointments.

    A partnership between the City of Geneva and the Geneva Red Cross

    This partnership between the City of Geneva and the Geneva Red Cross is in line with the long-life policy implemented by the Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity. As the population grows older, insulation is becoming increasingly common among senior citizens, posing a real challenge to social cohesion. Being unable to get around exacerbated social isolation among the elderly.

    Discover all the relative information in the flyer available for download.

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