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    Summary of the Evaluation of the ICRC’s Response to COVID-19

    This is the executive summary of the evaluation of the ICRC’s crisis management and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes a summary of the management response to recommendations. The evaluation focuses on establishing key lessons from the ICRC’s COVID-19 Crisis response and how, building on these, the organization can be increase its resilience and preparedness, for pandemics and epidemics. The evaluation was completed in December 2022 and covered the period from March 2020 until the deactivation of the crisis operating mode in March 2022.

    The evaluation finds that during the COVID-19 crisis the ICRC demonstrated that it was resilient and agile enough to adapt. However, limitations remain around the implementation of the Crisis Management Framework, being necessary a focus on increasing capabilities in crisis management and improve an organizational resilience architecture and policy.

    The evaluation provides recommendations on how the ICRC can improve its crisis management, operational response, and increase its overall resilience and preparedness.

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