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    The road network activates its snow and ice system | City of Geneva

    We are entering the winter period, which is conducive to snowfall and ice on the 220 km of roads And 440 km of sidewalks and of pedestrian paths of the city of Geneva.

    Substantial resources deployed

    Black ice that occurs unexpectedly or the accumulation of snow on the ground represents a challenge to be taken up on the municipal territory: everything cannot be treated at the same time, but the Roads department has substantial resources deployed according to a proven strategy which defines the implementation means to limit the impact on the daily life of the city.

    In fact, throughout the winter, municipal services join forces to intervene as quickly as possible For secure the roads and the priority pedestrian lanes. In total, nearly a hundred employees can be mobilized 7 days on 7, Round the clockuntil the end of March.

    The means of intervention consist of a quarantine of vehicles including around thirty small machines intended in particular to secure public transport stops and sidewalks. About ten of heavyweight, equipped with blades and salt spreaders, treat as a priority the main routes used by emergency services and public transport routes. The trucks have thermal probes which make it possible to optimize spreading, thus limiting the cost and environmental impact.

    THE readings from climatological monitoring stations distributed over the municipal territory and precise weather reports are consulted to predict frost and snowy episodes. An intervention manager is on duty and monitors the city’s territory to detect the slightest problem. It can trigger the alert very quickly in coordination with private and cantonal actors.

    Collaboration of citizens

    While the City is committing significant resources, it is also counting on the collaboration of citizens. THE building superintendents And arcade tenants can support roads by clearing snow in front of buildings.

    Vehicle owners are asked to equip themselves with winter tires in order to avoid paralyzing traffic in the event of heavy snowfall.

    Correct parking of vehicles essential

    The Highways Department thanks motorists for park their vehicles correctly: cars must absolutely not exceed the space markings to facilitate the passage of large snow blades. Parked two-wheelers must also take care not to overtake on the roadway for the same reasons.

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