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    Closure of the Museum in 2024 | City of Geneva

    The Museum is getting a makeover

    The Museum construction site (MHNG), launched in February 2023, is progressing well and the work now requires a closed to the public, for a minimum period of one yearto allow interventions in the exhibition building.

    During the closure, the museum continues its off-the-wall programming and its teams are actively preparing for its reopening.

    The programming continues!

    In 2024, MHNG specimens go to meet collection objects from other museumsfor “unusual dialogues” in different cultural places in Geneva.

    The cultural and scientific programming continues even more vigorously Museum of the History of Science, other site of the Geneva Museum. And the Science Night settles again in the magnificent Perle du Lac park, the weekend of July 6-7. The exhibition “Bicycle! Balance in motion“, designed in collaboration with the Museum of Art and History (MAH)takes place at Rath Museum from June 6 to September 22, 2024. The opportunity to discover a large gallery of the evolution of the bicycle, from its invention to today! And finally, Janus the two-headed turtle from the MHNGawaits the visit of his admirers in his new temporary apartments, installed at the Biopark Geneva!

    The teams are working behind the scenes

    During the year 2024, the management, exhibitions and mediation teams are actively working on the updates to permanent public galleries. This study project concerns the Wildlife galleries from Switzerland and the rest of the world (levels 0, 1, 2). A new permanent exhibition dedicated to History
    of Earth and life
    (level 3) is also currently being designed. Renovated public reception areas will notably offer a new DocumentariumA improved cafe and great shop.

    Museum scientists continue their research at a level of international excellence. This year of work is particularly conducive to field missions, the aim of which is to collect and describe new specimens. There digitization of collections continues. It is also the time for taxidermists to restore certain objects collectible. The entire Museum team is also preparing the big move of certain collections to the new Ambre building.

    Don’t miss anything about the evolution of the Museum

    Follow scientific and cultural news as well as the evolution of the MHNG on its social networks!

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