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    Night correspondents: extension of the system to the Pâquis – Grottes – St-Gervais sector | City of Geneva

    How it works?

    A pair makes nightly rounds, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., from Thursday to Saturday evening. Night correspondents walk the streets and parks to meet residents, users and users of public spaces.

    Night owls, simple passers-by, young or old, the encounters are numerous and varied during their tours. The professionals offer an attentive earpropose mediation in the event of conflict, promote dialogue between the different people met and collaborate with other partners, municipal or cantonal services and authorities. The distribution of prevention messages or various information is also carried out during the tours.

    The correspondents can be reached by telephone on a toll-free number in the event of a problem. (0800 10 10 05).

    The main objective of the device is to reduce the feeling of insecurity present in the neighborhoods, reduce noise pollution And incivilitiesof promote social connections in the neighborhoods concerned andensure social monitoring.

    When to call on night correspondents?

    • A problem of incivility complicates the life of a neighborhood, a street or a building;
    • A neighbor makes excessive noise and prevents you from sleeping;
    • You see a destitute person, homeless, in difficulty;
    • You are not reassured and would like to be accompanied at night, from one point to another in the neighborhood.

    In all these cases and many others, you can contact night correspondents.

    Some interventions are managed directly by the team of night correspondents, while others are relayed and monitored in collaboration with other network partners.

    The Pâquis district: a new perimeter

    A field analysis made it possible to deploy the device in the Pâquis – Caves – St-Gervais sector in 2023. The Department of Social Cohesion and Solidarity chose this perimeter, taking into account the significant number of incivilities and police interventions, the high night-time activity, the large number of public establishments present in this territory, the intense use of public space and the need to preserve schools in the area.

    The device of night correspondents of the City of Geneva was implemented in October 2021 in the Ouches – Concorde – Franchises – Servette – Charmilles – St-Jean pilot perimeter. According to the evaluation of this first phase of the project, the device obtained very satisfactory results.

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