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    Support digital creation | City of Geneva

    Being the subject of a new line in the 2023 budget of the City of Geneva approved by the municipal Councilthis new support takes the form of research grants and development of a digital creation project. These aim to encourage and stimulate experimentation in the field of digital arts. They also clarify the support for an area which until now did not exist for itself in the system of cultural support of the City.

    Support for digital creation

    These grants apply to original projects of immersive and/or interactive digital creation. Projects can take various forms, but they must be artistic acts of digital creation, for example and non-exhaustively, interactive applications and installations, augmented reality, virtual reality, video immersive, architectural mapping, whether permanent or ephemeral works.

    This new line is clearly oriented towards the digital cultural creation excluding digital transition projects in the cultural field (redesign of a website, archiving, evolution of a pre-existing project via means of digital production or distribution, for example) and artistic projects which integrate digital technology as a vector broadcasting (podcasts, streaming, etc.), these falling under the support of broadcasting/promotion.

    Considering the resources available and the budgets often necessary to develop a complete project in terms of digital creation, the SEC has chosen to favor the initial phase of the development of a project:

    • preparatory development of a project (ranging from writing to pre-production)
    • manufacturing of a pilot or prototype (proof of concept)

    With this choice, the Administrative advisor in charge of culture and digital transition, Sami Kanaan intends to encourage artistic emergence in this field, support the experimentation of new forms of creation and thus strengthen their capacity to then find the financing necessary for their deployment. This new support must also be linked to the digital creation ecosystem which is currently taking shape around the Digital Creation Hub hosted within the RTS and of which the City of Geneva is a partner.

    Endowed with 100,000 CHF, this line finances the granting of scholarships ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 francs maximum.

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