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    The City tests its sirens | City of Geneva

    The transmission of the alarm in Switzerland is carried out in different ways via the network of fixed and mobile sirens. These are audible alarms, one for the general alarm and another for the water alarm, which sound in the event of a major disaster or imminent danger.

    The Swiss network has around 7,500 sirens (4,500 fixed and 2,800 mobile), including 35 fixed sirens in the City of Geneva.

    The Regional Civil Protection Organization of the City of Geneva engages each year in a rehearsal course a hundred people on duty in order to be able to control the entire device (relay boxes and fixed sirens).

    Although there is no need to take special protective measures during annual siren testing, special attention is necessary to practice recognize the type of alarm triggered. An alarm that sounds at any other time would mean that the population could be threatened. In this case, further instructions and information would be transmitted via radios or television. In such a case, everyone’s reaction and behavior will be paramount.

    To know

    General alarm
    The general alarm consists of a continuous oscillating sound broadcast for one minute and repeated after two minutes of interruption, i.e. a sound in waves.

    Water alarm
    The water alarm signal consists of twelve low-pitched sounds of 20 seconds each, separated by ten-second intervals, i.e. a continuous sound.

    Poster in 13 languages

    Mermaid test poster in 13 languages ​​(German, French, Italian, English, Rhaeto-Romance, Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Arabic and Ukrainian). To download on the website of the Federal Office for Civil Protection OFPP.

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