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    The City of Geneva adopts a sustainable mobility plan for its staff | City of Geneva

    To achieve these objectives, the Sustainable Mobility Plan adopted today by the Administrative Council proposes a multimodal strategy on the long term. This plan is mainly based on a system of encouraging its staff to use the most virtuous modes of transport for the climate, for public health and for quality of life.

    In this context, the City will put in place new conditions for granting places
    in its private car parks from March 1, 2024, in order to reserve these spaces
    to members of staff with reduced mobility or who have a working schedule
    incompatible with the public transport offer.

    Preferential tariff

    Apart from these particular situations, the use of public transport always represents the best compromise when needing to travel long distances. To this end, the City has for many years been offering its employees annual TPG subscriptions at preferential rates. The new plan will propose extending the possibility of benefiting from a preferential rate for those who would like to combine several modes of travel so that they can occasionally opt for public transport, particularly during the winter period.

    At the same time, a contribution to bicycle maintenance costs or for a self-service bicycle subscription or parking in a bicycle station will now be offered to employees. In addition, a contribution will be offered to those who walk to their place of work and whose home is located a maximum of 3 km away, thus highlighting the health benefits of this mode of travel.

    Finally, to reduce the number and distances of trips, the City will continue to encourage the flexibility of work, via teleworking and the provision of IT tools which allow remote sessions to be held.


    Department of Finance, Environment and Housing (DFEL)
    Mr. Alfonso Gomez, Mayor, by contacting Anna Vaucher, Personal collaborator, 022 418 22 40 / 078 760 97 97 – @E-mail

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