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    Bruges: an enchanted city to visit in winter

    Bruges: an enchanted city to visit in winter

    Bruges, a small picturesque city located in Belgium, is often considered a dream destination to visit in summer. However, the charm of this city in winter should not be underestimated. Indeed, Bruges transforms into a true enchanted city when snow covers its cobbled streets and Christmas lights illuminate its canals.

    When you walk the streets of Bruges in winter, you feel like you are walking into a fairy tale. The medieval houses with their colorful facades blend perfectly with the winter landscape, creating a magical atmosphere. The canals, which are already magnificent in summer, become even more beautiful when covered with a thin layer of ice. You can even take a boat ride on the canals to admire the city from a different perspective.

    One of the main attractions of Bruges in winter is its Christmas market. Located in the market square, this market is filled with wooden chalets where you can buy unique Christmas gifts, handcrafted decorations and of course, traditional treats like waffles and Belgian chocolates. You can also take advantage of the ice rink set up next to the Christmas market to try your hand at ice skating, a must-do activity in winter.

    If you are an art lover, Bruges will not disappoint you. The city is home to numerous museums where you can warm up while discovering masterpieces. The Groeninge Museum, for example, exhibits a collection of Flemish art ranging from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. You can also visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which houses a sacred relic: a drop of Christ’s blood according to legend. This basilica is also an architectural masterpiece not to be missed.

    In addition to its artistic heritage, Bruges is also known for its gastronomy. In winter, you can taste typical dishes of Belgian cuisine, such as mussels and fries, stoemp (mashed potatoes with vegetables) and of course, the famous Belgian chocolates. Be sure to visit an artisanal chocolate factory to see how these delicious chocolates are made and why not, buy a few as souvenirs.

    To escape the winter cold, you can stop at one of the many cafés in Bruges. The city’s cafes are famous for their warm atmosphere and rustic decoration. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or coffee while warming up by a fireplace. Some cafes even offer local specialties, like Bruges waffles, for an even more authentic experience.

    Finally, if you have the courage to brave the cold, don’t miss out on a walk in Minnewater Park. This park, also known as “Lake of Love”, is a peaceful place where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. In winter, the lake is often frozen, creating an enchanting landscape. You can also stroll along the park’s trails and admire the majestic swans that live there.

    In conclusion, Bruges is an enchanting city to visit in winter. Its magical atmosphere, its Christmas markets, its museums and its gastronomy make it an unmissable destination for lovers of culture and beauty. So, don’t hesitate to put on your coat and set off to explore this magical city on your next trip.

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