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    Geneva launches the first cantonal carbon footprint calculator | City of Geneva

    What is a carbon footprint calculator?

    THE climate is changing because of human activities which release significant quantities of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the air. THE carbon footprint calculation translated the impact of these activities in grams, kilos or tonnes of CO2 (= carbon). Everything we consume and use generates GHG emissions, due to the energy required for the extraction of raw materials, their transformation, their use and their end of life. The figures may vary depending on the parameters used, but they nevertheless provide useful orders of magnitude for prioritizing and measuring the efforts to be made.

    This calculator offers the simple possibility of better understand the impact of our different actions by area (transport, food, housing, etc.). It is a powerful tool for raising awareness and awareness. THE obtained result leads to the personalized “ACT” section, which allows each person to know the actions to take to reduce their individual carbon footprint.

    Why a Geneva calculator?

    The calculator allows you to better understand what activities disrupt the climate the most and to accompany a Changing behaviour Consequently.

    This instrument registers fully within the framework of cantonal climate plan 2030 and some Climate strategy of the City of Geneva which provide for a communication and an sensitization strong on climate issues by proposing concrete actions and solutions to reduce the individual carbon footprint.

    This is why the canton, the City of Geneva and 2050Today joined forces to set up the Geneva version of the ADEME calculator, an internationally recognized tool. Unlike other carbon footprint calculators available in Switzerland, this one is based on Swiss and/or Geneva data when availableAnd offers personalized solutionsdepending on its footprint, and adapted to the local context.

    The President of the Council of State Antonio Hodgers notes that “having a 100% local carbon calculator makes it possible to objectify our individual carbon footprint and to raise precise awareness among individuals of their climate impact”.

    What individual objective?

    Today, the Switzerland are on average more than 10 tonnes of greenhouse gases per person per year. There world average is 5 tonnes.

    L’objective for 2050 is to achieve carbon neutrality, that is to say to arrive at one tonne per person per yearwith an intermediate reduction target of 60% by 2030, which is equivalent to 3.5 tonnes per year per person.

    “The calculator allows everyone to establish an individual “diagnosis”, an essential step for those who wish to initiate a change in their daily practices,” explains Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva.

    Beyond individual actions, these objectives also require a significant societal change mobilizing all private and public actors. This is how the canton and the City of Geneva both have their climate plan broken down into measures to support these profound changes.

    For international Geneva too

    Given the demographic composition of Geneva and the presence of numerous international governmental and non-governmental organizations, 2050Today is an essential partner in achieving the canton’s climate objectives. In order to adapt to its audience, the carbon footprint calculator is also available in English version.

    Communication campaign and other tools

    The Geneva carbon footprint calculator is part of the reinforced communication around the cantonal climate plan which starts during the Autumn, with the online posting, in addition, ofa “climate quiz”. This quiz allows everyone to discover its climatic profile among five possibilities of playful characters (see This tool offers the population concrete solutions to reduce your carbon footprint. Many events are planned until the end of the year to meet the public.

    In addition, the City and Canton of Geneva support the development of the platform “agiragenevecreated by the association GoodtrackWho offers advice, tips, good addresses and a discussion forum to experiment with actions to reduce our emissions.

    These “little ones” gesturesin areas as varied as biodiversity, mobility, energy or food, can contribute up to 25 to 30% of the necessary reductions in greenhouse gaseswhile having beneficial effects on nature, our well-being and even our wallet.

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