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    Papua New Guinea: 65-year-old goes back to school to inspire change in community

    Maip-Mulitaka is prone to tribal violence in which many are killed, injured, or displaced and farmland and property are destroyed. The community recently experienced a big tribal fight that resulted in houses and gardens being destroyed and hundreds of families being displaced.

    “The whole community suffers because of the actions of a few,” says Ekel. He goes on to explain why he thinks education can be part of the solution to end violence in the community.

    People need to have the right mindset and attitude. They can receive help from the government, donors, or humanitarian organizations in their time of need, but it would not bring lasting change if they don’t change the way they think and behave. Therefore, I have been urging young people to go to school and get a different perspective on life.

    Allan Ekel

    Ekel decided that the best way to impact the youth and inspire them would be to lead by example. And it has had the desired effect. “I have seen many young people enrolling in school after I enrolled. I am excited to be in school and I will be happy to continue if I perform well,” he says, adding that he would like to be a teacher and continue to inspire young people to be good citizens.

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