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    Geneva, sustainable city for coughs! | City of Geneva

    On the sidelines of the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia on May 17the City of Geneva offers each year a campaign combining public displays and a program of events and meetings. It aims to raise awareness among the Geneva population about discrimination related to sexual and emotional orientation as well as gender identity and expression.

    L’2024 edition looks at the intersections between sustainability issues and LGBTIQ+ issues. She is particularly interested in 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whose texts do not specifically mention LGBTIQ+ people. As the ten posters of this campaign highlight, However, LGBTIQ+ people are particularly impacted by climate change and growing social inequalities. For example, during natural disasters, emergency, accommodation or aid programs do not, in the majority of cases, take into account the specific needs of LGBTIQ+ people, or are simply not open to them. This state of affairs makes them even more vulnerable to environmental crises. THE posters will be displayed in the streets of Geneva from May 13 to 26alongside a rich event program.

    No sustainability without inclusiveness

    LGBTIQ+ people are specifically concerned by sustainable development issues. They suffer from numerous medical discriminations and are over-represented among precarious populations. School violence and discrimination at work or their extreme vulnerability to global warming and its repercussions are among the examples of these intersections. Yet they are absent from most sustainability programs and policies – like the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

    When ratifying, however, the States vowed not to leave anyone behind in achieving these objectives. The 2024 campaign invites questions the particular way in which LGBTIQ+ people are impacted by social inequalities and climate change. It affirms the need to combine sustainability and inclusion.

    The campaign also highlights the way in which these populations, with a significant history of struggle and resilience, are a source of innovative proposals in the face of the collective challenges of our time. “If we truly want to leave no one behind, as the 2030 Agenda enjoins us, we must also include LGBTIQ+ people, their issues, their needs and their proposals for a sustainable society,” recalls Alfonso Gomez, Mayor of Geneva in responsible for equality and diversity.

    Intersectional and daring programming

    The programming was done in partnership with numerous local associations and institutions. It offers, in addition to traditional commemorations of May 17of the discussionsof the round tablesa literary meetingof the workshopsA movie and hikes. It invites us to collectively imagine the contours of a sustainable world for coughs.

    Among the highlights, the journalist, activist and author Cy Lecerf Maulpoix will present his work Deviant Ecologies. He will talk about the instrumentalization of environmentalist discourses for reactionary purposes and the foundations of “queer ecology”, a subversive repair project that escapes dualities.

    A round table will explore the issues of inclusion in humanitarian aid and international cooperation. Joseph Kai, author and designer, will come to present his comic strip The Intranquille, portrait of queer youth in Beirut. THE Brazilian film ÙYRA: the rising forest will be screened and followed by a discussion with the director. It puts into perspective the struggles for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, those for indigenous peoples and those for trans lives. Of the urban hikeswill explore questions of queer ecology in Geneva. Finally, a roundtable will celebrate the voices of marginalized people and groups, valuing their resilience, their creativity and their contribution to solving the collective challenges of our societies.

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